Unusual handmade brooches

My latest craze to create very unusual brooches that are totally unique

Angel brooch, very unusual designed to sit on your shoulder


White elephant brooch with hearts double pin unusual one of a kind


Hedgehog brooch hedgehog watering her flower pot unusual crochet double pin


Mouse brooch mouse playing a trumpet and musical note double pin




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5 Responses to Unusual handmade brooches

  1. Hello!
    found over on etsy and just popping in to say i ADORE your work, just magically gorgeous! 🙂 xx

  2. ~*Saffron!*~ Your new pins are SO COOL!
    I LOVE the hedgehog watering the flowers, the mouse with the music notes, and the angel pin sitting on the shoulder is so clever!
    You are so gifted with wire!
    Have you gotten my parcel yet?

  3. Thanks! I just went over to your site and saw the most fantastic blue bird, its really beautiful! Yes I got the wonderful parcel, I sent you a message on etsy….I hope you got it! I sent a package to you today, really hope you like it : )

  4. I just love your unique designs and especially adore your hedge hogs!!

  5. I'm so happy to hear your enjoying them : ) Thanks very much!

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